Alerts can be used for different purposes such as showing a success or error message or asking the user for an input.

We created a AlertTemplateComponent which is defined in the Shared module to encapsulate the logic and markup of this Alert component.

To display the alerts we use the Material Dialog component.

In src/app/utilities/alerts/alerts.component.html you can find some of the different alerts you can create using this AlertTemplateComponent.

You can pass the following options to the alerts component:

You can pass the following options to the alert component:
    icon: 'check', // FontAwesome icon name
    iconColor: 'success' | 'failure', // icon color
    title: "Here's a message!", // Title of the modal
    text: 'The content, // Text of the modal
    options: false, // True will display yes or no buttons
    input: false, // True will show a text input
    button: 'Good', // Texto of the modal button
    time: 2000 // Time you want the modal to live (ms)

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